Posted on: 08/02/2014

‘Zeldzaam’ (Translation: ‘rare’) is the first single from Zohair Noriega under Mucho Dinero. The video was shot in Casablanca by Brandon Baan. .

Title: “Zohair Noriega – Zeldzaam (Prod. K9)”
Director: Brandon Baan
Director of Photography: Brandon Baan
Camera: Brandon Baan
Editor: Brandon Baan

Zohair Noriega is making music ever since he was eight years old. Inspired by artists such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG & Max B, Zohair Noriega has created his own style that he is still developing to this day. At the moment he is working on his debut EP called “Casablanca”.  While growing up in the city of Rotterdam and moving to Spijkenisse, the young Zohair spent most of his time on the streets. Inspired by his surroundings Zohair Noriega writes his texts based on everyday life. In early 2010, he started his own label called Bivak Muzik. Where he released material under his own control.
Meanwhile Zohair Noriega is on his path. After a session at  the famous 101barz studio he has put himself in the spotlight with Rotjoch and Rotjoch’s label Mucho Dinero. ‘Zeldzaam’ (rare) is the first single and video which will be released by Mucho Dinero. The video was shot in Casablanca by Sharklife co-owner and Creative Director Brandon Baan.



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