Posted on: 05/10/2016

Mr Flawless, celebrity jeweler and owner of Flawless Jewelry & Timepieces,
and Sharklife are proud to announce a collaborative project.
Two t-shirt designs are part of this lineup,
one with a design on the front and another one with a design on the back.
Each shirt will be detailed with both camps signature logos,
including the trademark “Mr.” by Mr. Flawless and the iconic Great White Shark by Sharklife.

SHARKLIFE x MR. FLAWLESS capsule collection will be released exclusive on

Coming soon!


Greg Yuna also known as Mr. Flawless is committed to delivering the most exclusive ever evolving masterpieces that are crafted with flawless quality, attention to detail, a lot of love, integrity, unlimited creativity,  realistic turn around time, along with the most competitive prices on the market. You can head to or stop by the brick and mortar shop in the heart of New York’s Diamond District-1196 6th Ave.

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