Posted on: 01/04/2016

DJ PANIC in the new Sharklife Football T-Shirt playing
b2b with THE VIPER in the Brabanthallen on Masters of Hardcore 2016.
We got the chance to experience 1 night with DJ Panic as a well known
hardcore DJ for our “HUNT PREY” project.

HUNT PREY is a new project by Sharklife.
We interview sharks worldwide with their own story
on how they hunt their prey.
We are going to follow a day or a few days of their Sharklife.
We will present this project on our website and social media.
Keep checking the Sharklife website for new stuff.

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Brandon Baan

Thanks to:
Panic, The Viper, Masters of Hardcore


– Who are you?
My name is Panic and I’m a Dutch DJ playing all harder styles

– What is your story?
Grew up in Rotterdam. Start spinning records at the age of 14. Began in a youth centre in the south side of Rotterdam at the age of 16. Was discovered by the legendary Paul Elstak . We started a DJ-team with DJ Lars named Forze DJ Team. From that time it got bigger and bigger and before I knew I was playing at all major events in Holland and abroad. I performed in countries like Spain, Italy, Russia, the UK and even USA, Australia and Japan.



– Why do you do this?
Because I love making people happy with my music!
Seeing people go crazy on what you’re doing behind the decks is awesome!

– What’s your definition of success?
Succes is when you have achieved your goal and did this with pure passion.


– Are you consistently pushing boundaries?
Yes! I’m full of creativity so there is always something new you want to achieve.
Either it is with music or own events with your Panic brand.

– What are the mistakes you made along the way and are you learning from these mistakes?
Sometimes you thrust the wrong people. Or you make the wrong choices about a gig or music style. They’re not really mistakes but bad choices.
You’re always learning every day. Mistakes are part of the road to success. So at the end mistakes are sometimes important to make if you want to reach your goal. It sounds strange but you can’t do everything in a perfect way. You need mistakes to grow.


– How do you overcome your worst times?
Just thinking of my kids (a boy and a girl) always brings a smile on my face. I’m satisfied of what I have reached till now. Of course there’s always more but I’m enjoying every moment of the hobby what became my profession.  Music is everything to me. I like to make people happy with my music.

– Who do you look up to?
People who have self-confidence and people who work hard everyday. I respect hard workers.
People who work hard to achieve something and will finally succeed. But at the end we’re all the same.



– What is your life motto?
A day without laughter is a day wasted. – [dutch:] Een dag niet gelachen is een dag niet geleefd
Or “Life is short. Eat dessert first” . Live your life like it’s your last one.
It’s all about positivity!

– Are you fulfilling your dreams and did you knew as a child you would?
Yes I’m fulfilling my dreams but it was not a dream to become a big DJ when I was a child. I just enjoyed every moment of what happened. So at the end I’m maybe still living the dream. I played at almost every big party and rave in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. Of course there are always venues or events you want to perform but I’m also realistic and know it’s not always possible. But you’ll never know. I’ve seen a lot of the world myself. Hope I can pass this over to my children



– What do you want to achieve in life, your main goal, what do you want to accomplish?
I want that people will remember me as a social and nice person with a positive attitude. And of course want to raise my children as good as possible. Hope I will give my family all the luck and love they deserve. For the rest; bringing a big smile on people’s faces when I’m behind the decks. So keep on making the crowd happy with my music as long as it lasts.


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