Posted on: 20/01/2016

R&B group Orpheus sits down to give an exclusive interview for Sharklife!

OPR1– Who are you?
We are Michael, Andy and Steve.
We are ORPHEUS, a new generation boyband from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

– What is your story?
As a new generation boyband we distinguish ourselves by searching and pushing musical boundaries
combined with our own vision in film and fashion. Outstanding and distinctive both on and off the stage.

– Why do you do this?
First of all we love music and we do this because we want to inspire people.
We want to leave an Orpheus mark on this world by influencing others.

– What’s your definition of success?
Our definition of success is being able to do what you love without limitations.

OPR2 – Are you consistently pushing boundaries?
We try to challenge ourselves in everything that we do and playing save isn’t challenging enough.
Therefore we’re trying to push our own boundaries.
“What do we have to offer this new generation of music, people and life”; this is the question we ask ourselves.

– What are the mistakes you made along the way and are you learning from these mistakes?
You can only learn from your mistakes after you admit you’ve made them.
We learned that you can not please everyone and that it’s important to always walk your own path.

– How do you overcome your worst times?
By taking a little time to remember ourselves why we do what we do in the first place.
Keeping our goals in mind.

– Who do you look up to?
Artist who dared to stand out and be authentic like Michael Jackson and Prince.

OPR3– What is your life motto?
The goal in life is not to live forever, but to create something that will.

– Are you fulfilling your dreams and did you knew as a child you would?
We always wanted to do what we do.
Individually we were all walking a different path which led to a point
where we met and we noticed that we had common goals.
We teamed up and work hard to fulfil our dreams.

– What do you want to achieve in life, your main goal, what do you want to accomplish?
We want to have a long successful career in the music industry and leave a mark on this world.

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